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Star Trek Celebrities 2012
John Billingsley
John Billingsley as Dr. Phlox - Star Trek EnterpriseJohn A. Billingsley is the actor best known to Star Trek fans for playing Doctor Phlox, the Denobulan chief medical officer of the Enterprise NX-01, on Star Trek: Enterprise.

John Billingsley was born in Media, PA, and lived for a time in Huntsville, Alabama and Slidell, Louisiana. His family finally settled down in Weston, CT, where John had his southe4rn drawl beaten out of him by vicious Yankee children, and where he began to act in school plays, initially “ A Christmas Carol,” playing a ferocious (albeit gap-toothed and lisping) Ebenezer Scrooge.

He graduated Bennington College, in Bennington, VT, where he studied theatre with Nicholas Martin and literature with Bernard Malamud. John moved to Seattle, WA, upon graduation, where, over a fifteen year period, he appeared on regional stages both well and ill regarded. He toured Europe and portions of the US for a bit with a Milwaukee based experimental theatre company (Theatre X), whose production of “A History of Sexuality” featured him in such disparate roles as Sigmund Freud and the Marquis De Sade’s valet.

His theater credits include “Mauritius”, “Candid,” David Mamet’s “Bobby Gould in Hell”, “The Seagull”, “The Birthday Party”, “Great Expectations”, “12th Night” and “Bitter Bierce”, a one man show he produced himself (“Never Again”, he says) about the life and times of Ambrose Bierce. He also played a Berber taxi-cab driver in “Ugly’s First World” at the Actor’s Gang some years back, appearing opposite his lovely wife Bonita Friedericy, who played Lady Jane Greystoke, a.k.a. Mr. Tarzan.

Denise Crosby

denise-crosby-star-trek-tngDenise Crosby created the role of Lt. Tasha Yar on one of the most popular TV series ever, "STAR TREK, THE NEXT GENERATION." She later returned to play Tasha's daughter "Sela," a role she helped create.

Denise co-starred alongside Fisher Stevens and Jennifer Tilly in the Fox series, "KEY WEST," and has played recurring roles on the acclaimed series, "NYPD BLUE," "THE X-FILES," “MAD MEN,” and "LOIS AND CLARK: THE ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN." She has guest starred in numerous TV series, most recently, "DEXTER, "CROSSING JORDAN," and "BONES." Denise is currently playing Captain Susan Sallinger on the acclaimed series “SOUTHLAND” on TNT.


She co-starred in Stephen King's classic film, "PET SEMATARY." Denise made her film debut in, "48 Hours", and went on to work with Blake Edwards in "THE MAN WHO LOVED WOMEN", and "SKIN DEEP" with the late John Ritter. She teamed up with Quentin Tarentino in "JACKIE BROWN," and Mimi Leder in "DEEP IMPACT." Denise has worked in Indie films such as the Sundance Film Festival Winner "MIRACLE MILE" and "THE RED SHOE DIARIES” directed by Zalman King.

Denise received an Ovation nomination for Best Actress for her performance in "LAST SUMMER AT BLUEFISH COVE" directed by Dorothy Lyman. She has done numerous plays, most notably the role of Tamara de Lempicka in the acclaimed play "TAMARA". Richard Dreyfuss made his theatrical directing debut with Denise in "STOPS ALONG THE WAY." Her most stage work includes two critically acclaimed plays directed by legendary acting teacher, Larry Moss, “EPITAPH FOR GEORGE DILLON” by John Osborne which opened in New York City and “BEGGARS IN THE HOUSE OF PLENTY,” by John Patrick Shanley at Theater/Theatre in L.A. Currently, Denise is starring in the Tennesee Williams play ORPHEUS DESCENDING at the Theatre/Theatre in Los Angeles with outstanding reviews. To quote one recent review, "Denise Crosby as Lady personifies grace under pressure with languid fluidity. Crosby is simply a joy to watch. From the tired, aged beauty and victim of circumstances to the saucy, confident heroine in the third act, Crosby never tips her hand. With magnificent self-restraint and a quiet, simmering confidence, Crosby owns the stage…simply put—this is her show and she radiates even from the shadows like a single flame".

Garrett Wang

Garrett Wang | Star Trek Voyager

Garrett Wang made his TV debut in 1994 as a guest star on the pilot episode of comedy "All-American Girl" (1994). One year later, he got the part of "Ensign Harry Kim" on "Star Trek: Voyager" (1995) where he appeared on television regularly for 7 years.

Garrett  Wang was born on December 15, 1968 in Riverside, California to Chinese immigrant parents. He and his sister Laura spent their childhood on the move. He lived in Indiana, then moved to Bermuda and finally to Tennessee. Later, he graduated from Harding Academy High School, Memphis, and moved to Los Angeles to attend UCLA where he majored in Asian studies. UCLA theater professor Jenny Roudtree inspired him to pursue an acting career. His first acting performance outside College was the portrayal of "John Lee" in the lead role of Chay Yew's "Porcelain" at the Burbage Theater. Later, he continued to perform onstage such as "Model Minority", "Woman Warrior" and "A Language Of Our Own". He made his TV debut in 1994 as a guest star on the pilot episode of comedy "All-American Girl" (1994). One year later, he got the part of "Ensign Harry Kim" on "Star Trek: Voyager" (1995) where he appeared on television regularly for 7 years.

In 1997, Wang was named one of People Magazine's 50 most beautiful people in the world. E! Entertainment Television has named Garrett as one of the "20 Coolest Bachelors" in the country. His television experience also includes roles in a variety of movies including Flesh Suitcase (1995), Angry Cafe (1995), Ivory Tower (1998), Hundred Percent (1998), Demon Island (2002), among others.

Garrett Wang - Star Trek Voyager